Ramekin Potatoes

Okay. So I don’t normally cook so that it looks pretty. If I did, I would have to start cooking meals around noon. I am very much a rustic cook (just throw it in and eyeball it)!  This does frustrate me though, when a meal turns out amazing and I don’t know how much I put in of each ingredient.   Tonight I forgot to think about a side dish and decided to go with my trusty stock of potatoes in the pantry. I grabbed my ramekins and vegetable mandolin and got started!!

I started by simply peeling about 1 1/2 – 2  potatoes per person (I had 3 different types) and slicing them thinly with my mandolin.  I placed each serving into a ramekin that was sprayed with cooking spray.  Again, it is not pretty because I use every bit of the potato so there are some small bits in there as well. 


Then, I wiped olive oil all over the tops and sprinkled salt, white pepper, garlic powder, and parsley over the top. 



I baked these guys at 200c for about 45 min. I then took them out and basted them with a bit more olive oil and put them back in for 10 minutes.  



Because I had packed them in so tight, this is turned out like a beautiful soft potato on the bottom and a bit crunchy on top!!  They were amazing!!  Definitely going to put this in the recipe box and make it again!!

Let me know if you recreate this and I would love to see any pictures you have!!



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