Perfect Marinade

No Joke!  It’s amazing!!  Here’s what happened…..

One day, I brought my husband (who was at that time my fiance) to my friends house to introduce them to each other!  

They decided to make a barbecue chicken lunch for us.  Before I could finish my first bite of the chicken I was begging for the recipe!!!  It’s not saucy or glazy, but it is packed with flavour in every bite!!  I was absolutely amazed!!!

I think the secret is in the marinating as they suggested to marinate it for three days in the fridge!!  3 days?!?!   I’m totally one of those “That chicken has been in there for 2 days and that is Long enough for me!!!” kinda gal. Lol

So I change my tune whenever I make this.  And it is amazing with any type of meat!!!!  I have tried fish, lamb, Kangaroo, chicken, and steak!!


  • 1/3C Lemon Juice
  • 1.5C Canola Oil
  • 3/4C Soy Sauce
  • 1/4C Worchester Sauce
  • 1.5C tsp parsley flakes
  • 2 tbl mustard
  • 2 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 tbl pepper
  • 1/2C Brown Vinegar
  • 2 Cloves crushed garlic


It took me about two lemons to get the juice I needed. :)

Ready to whisk!!

At this point, I pretty much poke the chicken in as much as possible and cover with plastic wrap and pop in the fridge. Every so often, I will go in and give the bowl a little shake. I will even move the pieces around a bit.  Here, I did buy 2.5 kilos of chicken wings, so I drizzled a few more of the same ingredients on top. 

This is now covered with plastic wrap and in my fridge.  I will probably make it tomorrow night as I cannot wait three days for this LOL!!!

I’ll post photos after I barbecue!!

…….okay!   3 days later.   It AMAZING!!

Listening In

Picture this…..

It’s 2am.  You’re awoken by a “MOM!”  You sit up in bed, blurry eyed and confused.  Who was it?  Why was it?…uh.  Wha?!?!  Who?!?!  OH!  A kid.  It was a kid!!  Then, I stare at these.  Which one did the noise come from? 


I watch for the lights to come on again (they come on when noise is coming from a room). 

 My little blessings tucked in their beds.   I’m so grateful for them.  Really.    They have my heart. 

My nightstand used to have a mini stereo, some gum, my phone, and who knows what else. Lol.  But this is it at the moment.  Simple.  My Kinde has all my books.  My devotions have my attention, mind, and heart  in the mornings. And these three little monitors have my ears. 


Nightie Night!!


Salsa…. Amazing Stuff!

Yes!!!   We loooooove salsa.  I love my food processor. And the colour God puts into His veggies and fruit. 

Lots of LOVE going around here. Lol

I was so excited to make salsa, that I only have two pics.  I’m sorry. Please forgive me. We were hungry and in a rush.  


  • 1 purple onion quartered
  • 4 tomatoes
  • juice of 1 lime
  • 1/4c coriander chopped
  • Salt & Pepper to taste

Throw everything in the processor and pulse until your happy with size of chunks!!  




Fabric Fish

So, I have been having fun playing around with some very trendy fabric patterns and fish designs (thanks to a special at Spotlight, lol!)   Who doesn’t want a fabric fish wall hanging right??

I started by tracing out a shape of a fish on card stock that would enable me to get three fish out of each piece of fabric.  

Now, I am a busy mum of seven and don’t get a lot of sewing time!!  So I try to do everything in a type of factory manor LOL.  I started by ironing all of the fabric to get out the creases. After that, I cut them all into six rectangles per fabric.  I traced 30 fish onto greaseproof paper and cut them out.  I turned the fabric right side in.  I pinned one fish onto each set that was turned in.

 I cut out each fish until I had a pile of 30. 

 Then I cut 30 pieces of twine and tied a knot onto one end of each piece.  I fed it through the centre of each fish (between the two right sides)  until the knot was  just out of the fishes mouth.  

I then sewed around each fish and doubled over in the area where the twine was going to be hanging through the fishes mouth. I left half of the tail unsewn to finish sewing by hand after it was lightly stuffed. 

I used the twine to pull the fish right side out and use the handle end of a wooden spoon to open the fish up to be ironed if needed. 

After stuffing, I used my hands to slightly flatten by wiggling the stuffing back and forth. Then, I sewed the tail closed by using an invisible stitch and chose some buttons for eyes!   I brought the knot through the nose of the fish and sewed the eyes on the way you would a regular teddy bear (one on each side)!

These are a fun present to give anyone!!  




Starting the year.

Yes. Starting the year. It’s already the 9th of February. I get to the evening thinking, “I should just post something”! Two years later, I’m still saying it!!!

Maybe I’ve relied too heavily on Facebook to get our daily lives out there to family, friends, and whomever else it touches.

Well, let’s start here. Now. I may miss a day (I’m a little busy lol), but I’m sure there are days that will make up for that!!!

So, today I tried a Pinterest no flour pizza recipe. Always a bit nervous, but came out delicious!! Basically, it was a spinach/egg/cheese base and they let you run wild with the top. I doubled it because there’s so many of us. It would have been fine, but I put it all onto one baking sheet which looked like a deep pan pizza. Because it was a bit deeper, it came out more like a thin quiche which was still amazing!!!

Here’s the link:

On a side note, I’m sad as my brother in law headed of to Uni today which is about 8 hours away.

Well, time to put my feet up, drink my tea, and put new elastic in my precious preppies shorts (they keep falling down)!! He seems to little to be going off to school. I can remember prep too! Gosh. Time is so so precious!!