Listening In

Picture this…..

It’s 2am.  You’re awoken by a “MOM!”  You sit up in bed, blurry eyed and confused.  Who was it?  Why was it?…uh.  Wha?!?!  Who?!?!  OH!  A kid.  It was a kid!!  Then, I stare at these.  Which one did the noise come from? 


I watch for the lights to come on again (they come on when noise is coming from a room). 

 My little blessings tucked in their beds.   I’m so grateful for them.  Really.    They have my heart. 

My nightstand used to have a mini stereo, some gum, my phone, and who knows what else. Lol.  But this is it at the moment.  Simple.  My Kinde has all my books.  My devotions have my attention, mind, and heart  in the mornings. And these three little monitors have my ears. 


Nightie Night!!


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