Giving To The People Who Serve Our Community….

We’re trying to teach our kids about all the people who serve our community. These people work tirelessly and risk their lives so that we can be safe. 

Our younger boys are particularly interested in the fire fighters, police, and ambulance officers.  Over time, I have explained about what midwives, nurses, and doctors do for us and have done for us and they are also very grateful for them. 

We were very excited to come together as a family and come up with an idea to say thank you. Of course cookies and baked goods sounded like a great idea, but we wanted something that would last a bit longer. In these professions there is not a lot of downtime, but we thought it would be nice to give them something that would cheer them up when there is.  We have a few more items we want to put inside including a special note from the family. 



So we came up with the idea of fun boxes!!  Everyone had a part to play in putting these boxes together.  Whether it was ordering the goodies to go inside or  decorating the box itself, we all had fun contributing to this project in some way!!

First, we went and purchased boxes from a local discount store. Then, we wrote out a bunch of hand made labels and the kids coloured them in!!



After the labels were finished, we put them on the back of packing tape and taped them to each side of the box.  Then, we took out the mod podge and stuck the top one on with that!!



Once dried, the boys got to pull out some of the goodies!!

Each boy chose a different service department.  They were chatting about the different areas in which is workers serve. It was a sweet time with them. 

Judson- “Fyermen make sure my fwends don’t get huwrt!”

Xavier- “Officers go after the badies.”

They’re so sweet!!



I’m not quite sure that Nicholas wanted to give up his box LOL!!


I would love to hear what ideas you have for serving and reaching out to the community!!



P.S. Once we delivered the boxes, I will post the photos here!!

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