Fabric Fish

So, I have been having fun playing around with some very trendy fabric patterns and fish designs (thanks to a special at Spotlight, lol!)   Who doesn’t want a fabric fish wall hanging right??

I started by tracing out a shape of a fish on card stock that would enable me to get three fish out of each piece of fabric.  

Now, I am a busy mum of seven and don’t get a lot of sewing time!!  So I try to do everything in a type of factory manor LOL.  I started by ironing all of the fabric to get out the creases. After that, I cut them all into six rectangles per fabric.  I traced 30 fish onto greaseproof paper and cut them out.  I turned the fabric right side in.  I pinned one fish onto each set that was turned in.

 I cut out each fish until I had a pile of 30. 

 Then I cut 30 pieces of twine and tied a knot onto one end of each piece.  I fed it through the centre of each fish (between the two right sides)  until the knot was  just out of the fishes mouth.  

I then sewed around each fish and doubled over in the area where the twine was going to be hanging through the fishes mouth. I left half of the tail unsewn to finish sewing by hand after it was lightly stuffed. 

I used the twine to pull the fish right side out and use the handle end of a wooden spoon to open the fish up to be ironed if needed. 

After stuffing, I used my hands to slightly flatten by wiggling the stuffing back and forth. Then, I sewed the tail closed by using an invisible stitch and chose some buttons for eyes!   I brought the knot through the nose of the fish and sewed the eyes on the way you would a regular teddy bear (one on each side)!

These are a fun present to give anyone!!  




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