Easy Salted Caramel Fudge

Okay.  So you know that moment when a friend comes over and brings a little something to nibble on and it ends up being one of the best things you have ever tasted??  This was one of those moments!!!!!


It is completely and entirely a perfect treat to bring to someone who might need a little pick me up!!  

I will post the link below, but I omitted the nuts and sprinkled Himalayan salt on top and bottom.  It made for a perfect treat for my wonderful husband’s birthday today!!!

 And is it worth trying? Let’s just say that I have a very bad tummyache from the “test tasting !!!” 




Garlic & Baby Bok Choy

I wish!!!!!  I wish so badly you could smell and even taste this amazing dish! I have to admit, halfway through cooking it, I wondered whether or not I would like it. Let me tell you that your first bite will make you gaurd your plate so no one GETS ANY!!!  I mixed a bit of low sodium soy sauce and Chili paste to drizzle over the top.  Although it was also amazing, it did not need it.

  The recipe comes from a lovely lady named Angel on YouTube!!!   The link is below so you can get the recipe as well!!!!  Enjoy and let me know your thoughts as well!