Starting the year.

Yes. Starting the year. It’s already the 9th of February. I get to the evening thinking, “I should just post something”! Two years later, I’m still saying it!!!

Maybe I’ve relied too heavily on Facebook to get our daily lives out there to family, friends, and whomever else it touches.

Well, let’s start here. Now. I may miss a day (I’m a little busy lol), but I’m sure there are days that will make up for that!!!

So, today I tried a Pinterest no flour pizza recipe. Always a bit nervous, but came out delicious!! Basically, it was a spinach/egg/cheese base and they let you run wild with the top. I doubled it because there’s so many of us. It would have been fine, but I put it all onto one baking sheet which looked like a deep pan pizza. Because it was a bit deeper, it came out more like a thin quiche which was still amazing!!!

Here’s the link:

On a side note, I’m sad as my brother in law headed of to Uni today which is about 8 hours away.

Well, time to put my feet up, drink my tea, and put new elastic in my precious preppies shorts (they keep falling down)!! He seems to little to be going off to school. I can remember prep too! Gosh. Time is so so precious!!